Monday, December 10, 2018

Breaking911 is SHOCKED by professional wrestling

This post on is really stupid.  It's titled: "SHOCK VIDEO: This move on the apron during WarGames left fans stunned."  

Here's the embedded video, along with the main image Breaking911 used:

The two "shocked" girls in the image are part of the performance.  In storyline, they're friends with Shayna Baszler (the girl who received the DDT), which is why they've got the shocked looks on their faces.  They're acting.  As far as I can tell, the DDT was performed perfectly and nobody was hurt.

Whatever.  I know it's just a random internet post.   But if you want to post a "Shock Video" from the world of professional wrestling, there are legitimate examples you can use.  Last month, a Puerto Rican wrestler named El Cuervo was sent to the hospital after his opponent hurled a cement block at his head.  The match was stopped, and I'm pretty sure the injury was legit. wrote that Cuervo underwent surgery to have a blood clot removed:

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