Friday, July 19, 2019 is banned on The_Donald

The_Donald bans certain right-wing domains, which on the surface is kind of strange  You would think The_Donald would be a place without censorship, right?  (I guess censorship and moderating aren't the same thing.) 

Anyway, I tried submitting a story from earlier today, and it didn't appear in the new queue.  Then I noticed there weren't any posts from in The_Donald since January 29th.  Then I remembered that Ben Shapiro is the editor-in-chief of, and apparently Ben Shapiro has the reputation of not being sufficiently pro-Trump.  Commenter /u/waicool summed it up in a thread earlier this month:
"Ben shap doesn’t belong on T_D, he’s unprincipled and not MAGA. Everyday some BS shill posts his useless tripe here."  
Whoopsie. seems to be okay.  There have been two links to in The_Donald within the past three days. is still popular on The_Donald.  So are and

How about  The most-recent link to was 28 days ago, but the second-most-recent link was over a year ago. is run by Jim Hoft, and I don't know what his reputation is among Trump supporters.  I can still find a bunch of links to across Reddit, so it's not like the domain is banned site-wide. 

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