Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Quick-drying cement? More like quick-spreading fake news!

The Portland Police sent out a tweet last weekend saying that the milkshakes thrown during a demonstration had quick-drying cement.
Quick-drying cement?  Sounds dangerous.

But it turns out the milkshakes did NOT have quick-drying cement:

So what do you do when disinformation comes from official, checkmarked sources on Twitter?  You can't really blame the disinformation on right-wing dunces.  The right-wing dunces are just repeating what they heard from official sources.  Hell, even NBC News treated the tweet as official news, publishing an article titled:  Demonstrators clash in Portland, Oregon, throw 'concrete milkshakes'

I think Caroline Orr and Charlie Warzel both wrote analyses of how the milkshake rumor spread, but I'm not going to link to them.  I'll just keep in mind that they wrote analyses.

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