Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Milk and brain hemorrhages

In the wake of Saturday's mass shootings, Luke O'Neil took the opportunity to DUNK on Andy Ngo:


But, wait, didn't Andy Ngo also get a brain hemorrhage?  That's what he claimed.  Joseph Bernstein of BuzzFeed News wrote an article about Andy Ngo and addressed the claim:
Skepticism about his motivations has led some on the left, in a perfect inversion of Ngo’s own hate crimes activism, to question whether he is exaggerating or fabricating the extent of his injuries. Recently, in the interest of addressing these doubts, I asked Ngo to show me proof of the brain hemorrhage he has said he suffered in the attack. 
“I don’t feel obliged to share my personal medical records publicly to satisfy internet trolls,” he wrote. Nevertheless, Ngo sent me a copy of his discharge paperwork from the hospital. The document confirmed his claim that he had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage — a brain bleed.
So if you believe Bernstein's reporting--and I see no reason to doubt it--then Ngo actually suffered a lot worse than "milk in his hair."  Shouldn't Luke O'Neil acknowledge that?

Some girl named Ali chimed in and outright stated that Andy Ngo LIED about having a brain hemorrhage:

What should I believe?  Should I believe Joe Bernstein's article?  Or should I believe Ali?

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