Monday, April 27, 2020

A possibly-hard puzzle

I completed this puzzle in 1:24:05.  A lot of these puzzles seem to take over an hour.

Afterwards, when I watched the video introduction again, I realized that the numbers inside each little cage aren't allowed to repeat.  So, with the "30" cage for instance, I was anticipating it could be something like 9-9-8-4.  And, when I was solving the puzzle and figured out it was 6-7-8-9, I thought 'Oh wow, that's convenient!'

The first thing I did was determine that all the digits in each of the "Clone" areas must sum up to 40.  Then I figured out, somehow, that the 1 couldn't be in the Clone area.  Looking back...I forget how I figure that part out....

How did I solve this puzzle, exactly?

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