Saturday, April 11, 2020

An easy peasy puzzle

I found this through Digg.  It's a post on Popular Mechanics titled:
This 'Open the Lock' Logic Puzzle Is Stumping the Internet. Can You Solve It?
Titles like that annoy me in hindsight, because anyone who's really stumped by this puzzle is clearly an idiot.  Here's the puzzle:

The only "tricky" part is figuring out whether or not the clues can be taken at face value.  For instance, when it says "One digit is right and in its place," does that mean only one digit is right and in its place, or does it it mean at least one digit is right and in its place?  Turns can take all the clues at face value.  There's no trickery.  So the first clue means only one digit is right and in its place.  And, since there's no trickery, the puzzle takes only a few minutes to solve.  

But look at how the author describes the puzzle:
"Like a riddle, this problem uses context clues and tricks to hide a fun solution."
It's NOT a riddle, you dumbass.  It's a simple logic puzzle.  
"...the puzzle is delightfully devious and has stumped tons of people on Facebook and Twitter."
There's nothing devious (or delightfully devious) about it.  It's a straight-forward puzzle!  Fuck.  

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