Sunday, April 26, 2020

NBC News muddles the time

Here's an NBC news article from February, titled: "White supremacist was out of prison just 86 days when he stabbed man, 22, to death."

The title feels misleading because the development here is not that a white supremacist stabbed someone.  The development is that the white supremacist was finally sentenced for his crime.  He was sentenced on February 28, 2020, but the crime itself took place way back on September 8, 2015, when Barack Obama was President. 

The press release from the Orange County District Attorney Office used the title: "Previously Convicted White Supremacist Gang Member Sentenced to 56 Years to Life for Stabbing 22-year-old to Death." 

The NBC News article also contains this line:
In 2017, Tanber admitted to being involved in the death of a 26-year-old man who was fatally beaten with a claw hammer after he allegedly stole money from the girlfriend of a former white supremacist gang member.
That's a typo, because the incident with the claw hammer took place in 2007.  If you read the NBC News article without checking the press release, you'd probably be rather confused about the timeline.

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