Friday, April 10, 2020

Vox Lied, People Died

The people at The Daily Show put out a video called "Heroes of the Pandumbic."

This is another thing I don't get.  I mean...I think I know what the purpose is.  But it doesn't compute with me personally for whatever reason.  13.8 million views so far.

Vox had to delete a tweet, originally dated January 31, 2020, that contained the words: “Is this going to be a deadly pandemic? No.”

So, you know...Vox Lied, People Died.

There was an image floating around on social media showing a media collage with all the "wrong" headlines about Coronavirus.

For some reason that collage includes a headline from (CCN Markets), which is some overseas cryptocurrency news site.  I'm not sure why that would be included with the other media sites, but whatever.

Then there was Bill De Blasio, who said at a press conference on March 15, 2020: "If you love your neighborhood bar, go there now...."  There was more to the quote, but that specific portion of the quote has been highlighted multiple times by other media outlets, like the New York Post:

You can listen to the quote at the 1:08:07 mark of his press conference:

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