Friday, May 22, 2020

Cody Johnston hates racism

I was listening to this show called "Some More News" from Cody Johnston.

He's talking about Quibi, and at one point he rattles off a list of famous names Quibi is working with, and he ends his list with:  "Mark 'I did a hate crime and would rather you forgot about it' Wahlberg."

Yikes!  That's around when I turned the video off.  It's clear Cody Johnston is one of those comedians.  You know, the type of comedian who loves to complain about how white people are racist. It reminded me of this Cracked sketch from August, 2016, which was also written by Cody Johnston. 

It's a sketch about a group of internet writers getting laid off, and it contains this exchange:
Dana:  Good.  This site has been suppressing my true voice for far too long. 
Lucy:  Well your true voice is usually at least mildly racist, so.... 
Dana:  White pride is nothing to be ashamed of.  We ended slavery.    
That exchange happens within the first two minutes of the sketch.  You don't just forget lines like that.

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