Saturday, May 9, 2020

Community clips

Did you hear there's going to be a Community table-reading?  It's for charity:

This has gotten people wondering if there's a Community movie on the way.  Recently, I've noticed more and more people are posting clips from Community on the /r/Television subreddit, which I assume helps indirectly with its popularity.  Some of these clips are good...and some of these clips are bad.  And I have to wonder:  Why would you share a bad clip? 

Here's a post with a good clip, titled: "Chase Through Fluffytown - Community."  Even if you don't know what the show is about, you could watch the clip and think, 'Huh, that look interesting.'  It's a good clip to share:

But here's another post with with a clip, titled: "Community season 1. Joel and Gillian teach a master class in comedic timing."  And it's just a random clip from one of the less-remarkable episodes.  The top commenter on the post even says: " Nothing about this is a masterclass in comedic timing."  Why would someone choose to share this clip, out of all the possible clips?

There was another post with a bizarre clip, titled "Buying a Giant Hand on Craigslist [Community]."  The clip is the end-tag from perhaps the worst episode of Community.  It consists of a guy trying to procure a giant hand and then having an argument with his wife.  It's not accessible at all for new viewers, and it's not that great a clip even if you're a fan of the show and know the context. 

One of the top comments of that post actually says "At this point, it's obvious that the Community marketing team is pushing these videos to the top.  Now THIS is a marketing team... That KNOWS how to promote their show!"  That's a sign you've chosen a shitty clipwhen the commenters start calling you out for being a marketer.  The commenters are saying there's no way a regular person would want to share such a bad clip.

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