Thursday, May 28, 2020

Discover the "No" people

You've seen this commercial, right?  It gets played all the time:

It's a montage of people saying "No."  The montage has quick samples from Austin Powers, Clueless, School of Rock, Friends, and also a John Candy movie (I don't know which one).  But there are also clips of three random people thrown in. 

The first woman is named Christian Woldegebriel.  She has a YouTube channel with around 2,470 subscribers, which isn't really a lot.  She posted a video on August 10, 2019, titled "Learn Amharic with me/ How to say NO!😏"

The video itself has 9,809 views, which again is not a lot.  Did the makers of the Discover commercial stumble onto this video randomly?  The video does have the word "No" in the title, so maybe they were searching for YouTube videos of people saying "No." 

There's also the black guy with glasses. listed him as Willie Macc.  He has a YouTube channel with around 1,720 subscribers, although I don't know which video the Discover commercial might have used. 

Then there's the woman at the 10-second mark in the striped shirt.  I have no idea who she is, and Googling around didn't give me any answers.  Maybe she doesn't exist.


Unknown said...

Yuk, she looks weird

Unknown said...

What!?! Shes gorgeous in a weird way.

Anonymous said...

Shes gorgeous in a weird way. Well said!