Sunday, May 24, 2020

Endless Ryukahr

It struck me that, in a way, Ryukahr's streams of Super Mario Maker may never end.  He's playing a video game.  It's a simulation of a guy who's trying to get through a puzzle or through a series of obstacles.  These levels are being generated by other players, and the levels are being generated at a pace which is faster than the pace at which they can be beaten. 

Let's say you watch a video of Ryukahr every day.  That's 20 minutes.  Let's say you watch Joe Rogan's podcast each day.  That's 2 hours.  Let's say you go to the "Cracking the Cryptic" YouTube channel and tackle a Sudoku puzzle each day.  That's 20 to 30 minutes or maybe much longer.  Let's say there are three or four or five other daily things which you consume each day on the regular.  It's easy to fill up every single day with these things.  Let's say you follow a flame war about professional wrestling....

Every day can be filled up with these things, because these things don't end. 

I could throw "watching Netflix" into the mix, but at least the movies and TV shows on Netflix qualify as art.  Even a silly movie like Time Trap will stick with you for a while.  I can think about it later.  The Joe Rogan podcast isn't art; it's two guys talking about the same topics everyone talks about.  So you consume this stuff every day, and it fills up all the hours of the day. 

And it's an endless simulation of the same stuff.

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