Wednesday, May 6, 2020

PinOut World Record

I wonder what the record is for PinOut, the iOS/Android game that came out in 2016?

It's not, like, a popular game by any means, so it's probably impossible to ever know what the world record is.  My personal distance record is 19,735.  That's without using any checkpoints.  I'm certain it's not a world record.  Part of the reason it's difficult to determine a world record is there are mini-games scattered throughout the levels that give you bonus time.  These mini-games, like Lazer Racer, keep going as long as you don't get hit.  My high-score on Lazer Racer is 89 points (so 89 additional seconds). 

I also managed to reach the first checkpoint with 161.2 seconds left on the clock, which is pretty tough to do.  I wonder how close that is to the limit for the first stage?  It's gotta be close.     

There are some playthroughs on YouTube with "world record" in the title, but those all seem to be clickbait titles. 

So what truly is the world record time on this game?  Maybe only God knows. 

Current checkpoint times:
Start:  60.0
1:  161.2
2.  312.2
3.  465.4
4.  581.4
5.  648.8
6.  765.0
7.  845.4
8.  901.5 

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