Wednesday, June 10, 2020

24/7 Championship scramble

WWE debuted a 24/7 title last year, and they had a scramble to crown the first champion.  I didn't watch it live, but I caught this clip from Raw on YouTube:

I watched this clip a bunch of times, and it always drove me a little batty because I could swear the thing was edited.  There's a point around the 3:15 mark where Mojo Rawley moves quickly from one side of the ring to the other, and there's a weird audio moment around the 4:00 mark when Drake Maverick slides into the ring.  So it seemed like the clip may've been edited, but I wasn't certain.     

A while ago I found another video on WWE's YouTube channel of all the 24/7 Championship title changes, and this video contained the FULL version of the scramble:

And, in fact, the Raw clip was edited down.  I assume the editor wanted to remove certain parts of action because they looked awkward.

In the edited clip, the bell rings at 2:47 to start the match, and it rings at 4:16 to end the match.  That's 1:29 of action.

In the full clip, the bell rings at 1:27 and again at 3:41.  That's 2:14 of action.

Meaning the edited clip had removed 45 seconds of action.

The edited clip removed about 33 seconds worth of footage just before Mojo Rawley gets into the ring to hit the pounce on Titus.  There's also about 10 seconds worth of footage just before Drake Maverick slides into the ring that got removed.

Neither of those edits are obvious at first glance.  I watched a recent match on WWE's YouTube channel between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks, and there was a point where the video skips forward in the action; however, this fast forward was accompanied by a white flash (0:54 mark).  The edited version of the 24/7 scramble doesn't have any sort of white flash or other indication that the match has been edited.

Maybe the white flash is a new thing.

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