Sunday, June 28, 2020

Anonymous on the DDoS attack

Here's another tweet I bookmarked a while back.  It's a tweet from June 15th by @YourAnonCentral (Anonymous).  It states: "The source of the DDoS attack on the United States is currently unknown. We speculate it may be China as the situation between South and North Korea is currently deteriorating."

@YourAnonCentral has a lot more followers than @yspyg78.  The account has 6,500,000 followers and it followers 850 people.  The bio states: "We support the weak against the powerful. Resistance is existence. #readtheroom #BlackLivesMatter #MMIW #NiUnaMas #OpDeathEaters #OpHongKong #OpRussia."  (There are also a few emojis.)

The tweet itself received 445 comments, 4,200 re-tweets, and 30,400 likes.  I assume whoever runs the account is anonymous (no pun intended).

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