Monday, June 29, 2020

DocktorRemulak does the deed

The Atlantic had an article about how SDG&E fired Emmanuel Cafferty. The article doesn't mention who exactly took the photo of Cafferty and posted it on Twitter, but it cites a local story from NBC San Diego:
After Cafferty told his side of the story, the initial social-media vilification he had experienced gave way to a kind of embarrassed silence. The man who had posted a picture of the encounter on Twitter deleted his account and admitted to Priya Sridhar, a local news reporter, that he “may have gotten ‘spun up’ about the interaction and misinterpreted it.”
The NBC San Diego story doesn't identify the guy who posted the photo on Twitter, either.  The report says:
NBC 7 spoke to the man who originally posted the picture on Twitter. He has since deleted his account and said he may have gotten "spun up" about the interaction and misinterpreted it. He says he never intended for Cafferty to lose his job.
The embedded video included an interview with Cafferty, and it briefly showed a screenshot of the tweet:

The top of the tweet is cropped off, but you can make out a large potion of the Twitter user's handle:

The Twitter user was @DocktorRemulak.  His display name was David Bentley.  Like the story says, he has deleted his account, but I made an archive of the cache here:  He followed 100 people and had 18 followers.  His bio said: "News Politics US News World News General News Government & Politics Gov Officials & Agencies."  On June 1st, he had tweeted: "I have been posting #TrumpIsTheAntichrist for months, now everyone will now find out he is the Devil incarcerated."

The tweet was amplified by another account, @Hwilsonia (Vote in November):

Hwilsonia's geotag says they're in San Francisco, and their timeline is full of posts about Black Lives Matter.

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