Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Timing a diversion

The thing with the internet is that every single page, every single tweet, has the ability to divert your attention for a certain amount of time.  And, maybe if I can figure out how long the typical diversion lasts, I can convince myself to avoid them.  It would become less about avoiding the diversion itself and more about making a choice:  Do I want to give up X minutes right now?

Yesterday, I was looking up a specific thread on /r/MovieDetails.  So I had to visit www.reddit.com/r/moviesdetails and type an inquiry into the search bar.  However, as I was glancing at the front page of /r/moviedetails, I saw a post about The Fellowship of the Ring, and I decided to click on it.  It was titled:
In "Lord of the Rings: The Fellow Ship of the Ring" (2001) in this "one does not simply walk into Mordor" scene, whenever Sean Bean looks down it's because he is reading the script on his lap. They had written that speech the night prior to shooting and he didn't have to memorize before shooting.
The thumbnail showed Boromir looking downward:

Now, I didn't recall Boromir looking down much during this scene, so I went and re-watched the Council of Elrond scene on YouTube:

As I re-watched the scene, I didn't see Boromir looking down much.  So I checked the comments on the Reddit thread, and at least one oether Redditor, /u/RayFisch, said the same thingthat Boromir only glances down a little bit while saying the line "One does not simply walk into Mordor."  However, another commenter had linked to a YouTube video of a cast reunion over Zoom, and Peter Jackson does confirm that Sean Bean had the script on his knee during filming.  (I guess it just wasn't noticeable in the film that he was repeatedly looking down.)  So who am I to dispute Peter Jackson?   
Anyway, I got done with checking the videos and the Reddit thread, and it was 6:20 PM.  I checked my browser history, and I had visited the /r/MovieDetails page at 6:12 PM.  So that was 8 minutes devoted to a diversion about The Fellowship of the Ring

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