Saturday, June 27, 2020

Twitter user has thoughts about churches

It kind of amazes me how everyday folks can share a thought on social media and have it seen and shared by thousands (millions?) of people.

Here's a post that was #1 on /r/All on Reddit.  It has 87,519 upvotes and 1,933 comments.  It was posted on /r/WhitePeopleTwitter, which is usually dedicated to funny tweets by or about white people, but this tweet is political in nature.  The post is titled "Immediately" and contains this screenshot:

Hey, maybe it's a good sentiment.  But there's no argument being made.  I thought maybe this was a reference to the recent Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but that took place at the BOK Center, which is a regular sports and events arena and not some megachurch.  So I guess it's just an evergreen tweet about churches and political rallies.

The Twitter user is Carla Hurst-Chandler (@ysypg78).  The tweet itself has 1,000 replies, 18,100 retweets, and 67,800 likes.  Carla has 7,394 followers (she follows 8,064 people) and her bio says:  "Retired Nurse, Author, Activist, Photographer.  #Resistance #BlueWave2020 NO DM's-PLEASE!"  (There are also a bunch of emojis that don't work with copy-and paste in blogger.)

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