Monday, June 15, 2020

VCR logs off

It appears the Twitter troll @VCRWrestling has deleted his account.

The handle "VCRWrestling" currently belongs to someone with 60 followers whose account dates back to August of 2015.  (The actual @VCRWrestling made his account in July of 2017.)  What I think happened is that VCR Wrestling changed his handle and then deleted his account.  And then someone decided to jump on the available handle:

I think he changed his handle to @VCRLoggedOff.  When you search for interactions with VCRWrestling, you see tweets that are directed to both @VCRWrestling and @VcrLoggedOff.  I don't know if this is some sort of Twitter glitch, but it seems like an indication he switched his handle:

There is no active account right now with the handle @VCRLoggedOff.  However, when I tried switching my own handle to @VCRLoggedOff, Twitter informed me the handle was already taken.

There has been speculation for WHY VCRWrestling deleted his account.  Some people seem to think VCR was driven off the platform by AEW stans:

This theory doesn't really make sense to me, because VCR tended to block people who disagreed with him.  He once boasted about blocking close to 1,000 people.  Here's one example of his blocking habit:

VCR Wrestling deleted his account on either May 24th or May 25th.  There was an interesting exchange between Jonathan Snowden and another Twitter user on May 24th.  Snowden was talking about obnoxious Twitter accounts, and he mentioned "VHSWrestling."  The other user, @joelspaceship, replied: "vhswrestling is apparently a school teacher, one time we had some twitter beef and he went back on my feed and liked pictures of my kids. it was fucking creepy."  Snowden then replied: "DM me what you've got." 

I'll ignore the fact that both of them called the guy "VHSWrestling."  It is true, nonetheless, that VCRWrestling is a schoolteacher.  Snowden later deleted the tweets, and @joelspaceship locked his account, but I archived part of the conversation here.  I also recovered joel's part of the conversation by looking through my own browser history:


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