Saturday, August 11, 2018

Which one is it, Daily Beast?

Here are two opinion pieces published by The Daily Beast.  One is from July 14, the other is from July 17:

It's clear Jay Michaelson is a Daily Beast columnistspecifically, he's their legal affairs columnist.  David Rothkopf might be more of a guest columnist, judging by his author page.  So I guess Michaelson's POV is the more "official" one?

Here is what The Daily Beast says on its "Code of Ethics and Standards" page regarding Opinion pieces:
Opinion: The Daily Beast features sharp opinion as well as original reporting. Our columnists run the gamut between liberal and libertarian. We value ideological diversity and substantive debate. Opinion pieces do not necessarily represent the editorial perspective of The Daily Beast. Our readers are reminded that there is no right not to be offended.
So, yeah, I get that there's diversity among the opinion writers.  It still feels a little "off" to me, though. 

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