Sunday, December 16, 2018

Movie Review -- Margin Call

The New Republic described Margin Call as "the smartest movie you will ever see about the Financial Crisis."  I'll take their word for it. 

You know how sometimes you'll watch a deleted scene from a movie and think, 'Yeah, I can see why they cut that from the final version.'  Well, in Margin Call, there's like a 30-minute period which consists entirely of scenes you'd expect to see on a reel of deleted scenes.  There's also a sub-plot in which Demi Moore's character (Sarah Robertson) is chosen to be a public sacrifice or scapegoat of sorts, but I couldn't figure out what that was supposed to entail, exactly.  There's a trivia note on IMDB that says: "Carla Gugino was attached for over a year to play Sarah Robertson, but had to withdraw last minute due to another project. Fortunately Demi Moore was able to join the project."  Maybe that last-minute replacement had something to do with the vagueness of those scenes.   

Overall, the movie was okay.  5/10.  I would have given this movie an 8/10 if there had been a scene where Jeremy Irons pounds his fist on the table and shouts: "You're costing me my margins!"  I don't even know what that line would mean, but the thought of it makes me laugh.

"You're costing me my margins!"

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