Wednesday, January 9, 2019

This annoying Amazon Echo commercial

I really hate this Amazon Echo commercial where the girl burns the duck:

That duck gave its life.  It was murdered just so this girl could cook it for her stupid date.  And she doesn't seem phased by the fact its life has now been rendered meaningless.  There's no moment of contemplation.  She's just like: "Whoops, now I have to make spaghetti instead!"

I bet she tossed the duck in the garbage bin, too.

Here's what would have made the commercial a whole lot better:  At one point, the father says, "You know, your mother cooked duck for me once."  And it's unclear if the mother is still alive, but I'm going to assume she's dead.  So, imagine if the father says: "You know, your mother cooked duck for me once," and then he just goes silent and begins to think about his dead wife.  And the daughter asks her father what's wrong, but he's not saying anything--he's just fixated by this vivid flashback of the time when his dead wife cooked him dinner, and then he just begins to sob as the memory overwhelms him.  And then the Amazon Echo logo flashes across the screen:

I'd buy two of them if Amazon aired that commercial!

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