Saturday, January 26, 2019

This AOC tweet

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out this tweet the other day in response to an article from The Hill.
I read the article from The Hill.  The headline is:
Ocasio-Cortez: I give 'zero' f---s about pushback from other Democrats
I don't think that's a great headline, but I don't think it's a misleading headline, either.  The only word with quotation marks is "zero."  That means AOC definitely said the word "zero," but it doesn't necessarily mean she said any of the other words in the headline.  That's how quotation marks work!!  Fuck's sake.

Maybe The Hill should've played it safer and used a headline like:
AOC says she gives 'zero' f---s about pushback from other Democrats
That does a better job of conveying that she was responding to a question.  I wonder if AOC would've complained about that headline, too?

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