Saturday, July 6, 2019

For Life

Luke O'Brien says:

He links to an article on titled: "Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Is Still On Twitter Despite Ban — And Now We Know Where."

But, wait....if Andrew Anglin was banned, then doesn't that mean Twitter did take steps to ban hate and extremism?  I don't get the framing here.  If Anglin was banned from Twitter, and he's defying that ban, then the issue is that Twitter has problems enforcing its bans.  Is it right to assume these bans are permanent...that once you get banned, you're banned for life?

If so, then the new account should be banned.  Banned for the crime of ban-evasion.  

Anyway, I'll watch what happens.  Anglin's current handle is @Rumples42296282.  His Twitter ID# is 1071550279529705472.

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