Sunday, July 21, 2019

That time Tim Pool's fire truck was on fire

So I was checking my comments from the Unicorn Riot Discord leak.

I'm proud to say most of my comments were written for the purpose of calling out Tim Pool over a dumb thing he did on Twitter.

October 4:
So the "jordan_hunt18" Twitter account has admitted to being a parody. Did Tim seriously think it was a legit account?
This time, it was Tim's firetruck that was on fire.
October 5:
Tim finally got around to deleting his tweet about the phony "Jordan Hunt" account:
No acknowledgment on his timeline, though. Someone mentioned that Tim owns up to his mistakes, so I'm sure he'll make an acknowledgment eventually.
I also want to give a shout-out to Discord user Dan V, who said after my "firetruck" comment:
tim isn't perfect but he owns up to his mistakes
Later, when I pointed out that Tim hadn't acknowledged his mistake, Dan V said:
he's usually good. Maybe he won't in this case. I don't find that mocking an unknowing troll account on Twitter is a big deal
 Good input, Dan V.

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