Sunday, July 14, 2019

USA Today is banned in /r/News

I tried submitting a link from to /r/News yesterday, but it didn't appear in the new queue:

I didn't think there were any keywords in the title that would trigger the automoderator, so I checked if there had been ANY recent links to in /r/News.  It turns out the most-recent visible post was submitted on February 21st:

Five months without a single submission to USA Today?  No way that would happen by chance.  The domain is banned.  I checked to see how many times during this past week people tried submitting a link to in /r/News, and got over 40 results.  (All of which have been removed, of course.)

I wonder why the moderators don't like USA Today?  It's hard to think of a more middle-of-the-road publication.  Nobody gets offended by USA Today!   

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