Sunday, August 11, 2019

Brad Shepard is a nimrod

Dolph Ziggler is facing Goldberg at SummerSlam.  Cool.

Dave Meltzer had actually reported on August 1st that Ziggler would be facing Goldberg:

What's notable is that Dave Meltzer found out about those plans by accident.  You see, a week earlier, some other bloggers on the internet had wrongly reported that Dave Meltzer had said Dolph Ziggler would be facing Goldberg.  Those reports appeared around July 25th.  Later, somebody from WWE called up Dave Meltzer and asked:  'How did you know Ziggler would be facing Goldberg?'

Not exactly Woodward and Bernstein stuff....but similar! 

What's even stranger is that WWE had been throwing out red herrings about Ziggler's potential SummerSlam opponent.  If you were watching TV, you would've seen teases that Ziggler might be facing either Shawn Michaels or The Miz.  On July 30th, WWE actually announced on Instagram that Ziggler would be facing The Miz:

So the timeline looks like this:
July 25:  People wrongly claimed that Dave Meltzer had reported that Dolph Ziggler would be facing Goldberg at SummerSlam
July 30:  WWE announced Dolph Ziggler would be facing The Miz at SummerSlam.  (This was a red herring.)
August 1:  Dave Meltzer confirmed that Dolph Ziggler really would be facing Goldberg at SummerSlam
August 5:  WWE aired a TV segment to officially set up Dolph Ziggler vs. Goldberg at SummerSlam
The guy who was the most embarrassed by this news (assuming he's capable of embarrassment) was a reporter named Brad Shepard.  Meltzer had previously dissed Shepard's reporting skills, so there was a brewing, one-sided grudge there.         

On July 26th, Brad Shepard tweeted that Dolph Ziggler would NOT be facing Goldberg at SummerSlam:
According to a source in #WWE, Dolph Ziggler is not currently scheduled to face Goldberg at SummerSlam.  I’m told Goldberg and upper management haven’t been on speaking terms since his match at #WWESSD in Saudi Arabia.
It seemed like Shepard wanted to counter the reports that were being attributed to Meltzer.  Then, on July 30th, when WWE put out the red herring that Ziggler was facing The Miz, Shepard tweeted:
Hey @davemeltzerWON, it’s “Mr. No Sources” here.  Enjoy your humble pie, dumbass.
Dave Meltzer replied:
Given I never reported that to begin with, maybe you need to take your desperation trolling elsewhere. 
Shepard would later delete that July 30th tweet.  Fortunately, another Twitter user, @RobSolo, saved a screenshot of the tweet:

There were three images embedded in the tweet.  One of those images was an excerpt from a Sportskeeda article from 25th which wrongly said that Dave Meltzer had said that Dolph Ziggler would be facing Goldberg.  Another image showed Brad Shepard's tweet from July 26th about how Ziggler would NOT be facing Goldberg at SummerSlam.  The third image was an excerpt from a Mandatory article from July 30th about how Dolph Ziggler was slated to face The Miz at SummerSlam.

The takeaway from all this is that Brad Shepard is a nimrod.  He attacked Dave Meltzer over something that Meltzer didn't actually report, while at the same time puffing up his own insider knowledge.  Except that insider knowledge turned out to be bunk.

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