Monday, August 12, 2019

SrGrafo villain

Here's a comic by SrGrafo:

(I feel bad about copying-and-pasting it, so make sure to give his Patreon a quick visit.)

The first thing the comic made me think of was a scene near the end of Justice League.  The Flash is standing around like a nimrod, and Steppenwolf sneaks up, grabs Flash by the neck, and hurls him into the wall.  At the 2:22 mark:

[EDIT: The guy's YouTube channel disappeared a few days after I wrote this post!  Lame!!!  Now I've got to find another clip!]

Steppenwolf has a giant axe.  He was wrecking people earlier in the film with it.  But he doesn't use that axe when it could do some good.  He just grabs the guy by the neck and tosses him.  Then he monologues a bit.

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