Wednesday, August 7, 2019 banned site-wide on Reddit

I often browse /r/SquaredCircle for wrestling news.  For the past couple years, a small group of Reddit accounts have been pushing a website called doesn't have a lot or original content.  It's mainly an aggregator--so I found it strange how the site was pushed so heavily on /r/SquaredCircle.

The three Reddit accounts I noticed were:

These accounts didn't ONLY submit links to, but there was definitely a pattern.  Which is to say, most of their submissions were links to  But I realized yesterday that I hadn't seen any stories for a while.

Well, both /u/ThomasGlasco and /u/PhillyChillyDave were shadowbanned, and /u/will_upvote_beer has shown no activity for two weeks.  Furthermore, the domain is now banned site-wide on Reddit.  I tried submitting a link to in my private subreddit and it was automatically removed:

Somebody once accused /u/will_upvote_beer of being a bot and spamming links, but /u/will_upvote_beer pulled the old "I have autism" card:
I have autism and I am home all day. I am obsessed with wrestling and it makes me feel good to share things I read. Sorry if that bothers you.
The last visible post from was dated June 28th.  I'm assuming that's around the time Reddit banned it.  Alexa shows a steady decline in's global traffic ranking since then:

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