Thursday, May 7, 2020

/r/WorldPolitics has turned into 4chan

/r/WorldPolitics is "reddit's free speech political subreddit."  It has 1,242,995 subscribers and it is currently being overrun with shitposts.  The shitposts consist of anime porn, regular porn, pictures of potatoes, and other things of that nature:

The top moderators of /r/WorldPolitics don't believe in removing content.  That's their philosophy.  They barely believe in moderation to begin with.  The three senior mods are /u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward, /u/cojoco, and /u/FreeSpeechWarrior.  My impression is they only remove content which violates Reddit's site-wide rules—things like doxxing, violent threats, etc...  Everything else is allowed.

The trouble began on Sunday when a user posted a photo of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, titled: "Epstein! - Upvote this picture so it’s the first thing people see when they google Epstein."  The post stayed up, collecting 147,000 upvotes and reaching the front page of /r/all.  This was followed by similar posts from other users.  (I believe the original OP deleted their Reddit account soon after, but that's beside the point.) 

Now the subscribers of /r/WorldPolitics have FINALLY figured out that everything is allowed.  Hence all the hentai.  Seriously, the new queue is just dozens and dozens of hentai images.  That's why I'm saying that /r/WorldPolitics has now morphed into 4chan.   

/u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward made an announcement a short while ago, saying "Don't post anything that might get this subreddit banned or quarantined."  I'm guessing they'll be okay as long as the posts don't become overtly racist of QAnon-esque.  We'll see how things are in a few days.   

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