Thursday, June 11, 2020

Deep dive on Shaun King

The Daily Beast published a long article about Shaun King:

I actually reached the end of the article without realizing it.  I took a break, then went back to read the rest of it, and was surprised there wasn't anything more. 

There's a paragraph that reads:
Despite King’s promotion of the site and the money it’s raised, a Google search for “north star” shows it at the bottom of the second page of results, behind nearly a dozen articles about the star Polaris and results for the North Star Fund, “a social-justice fund that supports grassroots organizing led by communities of color,” the North Star Group, a financial-planning company, and North Star Teens, “an alternative to school where teens learn in the way that suits them best.”
Now, I'm not going to proclaim myself a Google expert, but when I ran a Google search for "north star," the fifth result was for Shaun King's website:

The bigger issue is that the blurb on Google spells his name "Shaunk King."  Shaunk King???  Hey idiots, it's "Shaun King."  Learn to spell!

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