Tuesday, June 23, 2020

McCarthy throws shade at Meltzer

Here's a tweet from Alex McCarthy of WrestleTalk:

Now you might think, "How is that considered shade at Dave Meltzer?"  Well, the story is about Charlotte Flair taking an extended break from WWE.  She's going to have a surgery and then, presumably, take some personal time off.  Usually, if you're talking about someone taking a break, you try to focus on when they'll be back.  You say, 'The wrestler will be back by such-and-such a date.'  If you're going to say "They WON'T be back by such-and-such a date," then it must be because that specific date holds some significance.  What's the significance of SummerSlam?  There isn't any significance, really.  It's usually considered a major pay-per-view, but all the pay-per-views are blending together these days thanks to the pandemic.  So why emphasize the line, “There’s a 0 percent chance Charlotte returns for SummerSlam”?

Well, the WrestleTalk story was posted at 7:46 AM.  At 6:34 AM, someone made a post on Wreddit about how Dave Meltzer said Charlotte Flair would be out of action for a while due to surgery.  The post said:
During the latest WOR Dave Meltzer said that Charlotte Flair is having surgery (unspecified where) and that's why they did the angle last night with Nia Jax. 
Right now the expectation is that she's gonna be back for Summerslam but that's not 100% sure. "They hope it's Summerslam" he said.
McCarthy phrased his tweet the way he did as a reaction to Meltzer's reporting.  On the one hand, he is confirming Meltzer's report that Charlotte will be out of action due to surgery.  On the other hand, he's trying to debunk the part where Meltzer says the people in WWE are hoping Charlotte will be back by SummerSlam.

The WrestleTalk article makes zero mention of Meltzer's earlier reporting.  But I feel that anyone who was aware of Meltzer's reporting would grasp why WrestleTalk included that quote about SummerSlam.

PWInsider also wrote about Charlotte's surgery, and said she was expected to be out six weeks.  (SummerSlam is on August 23rd.)


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