Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ryan Broderick: You're fired!

Ryan Broderick got fired from BuzzFeed due to plagiarism:


This stuff happens.  It wouldn't happen to me, of course, because I never plagiarize.  All the stuff you read on this blog is 100% my own material.

A lot of Ryan's stories centered around fact-checking and conspiracy theories.  Typical headlines included "Trump’s Campaign And Fox News Are Attacking A Twitter Employee Because They Think He Fact-Checked The President. They Have The Wrong Guy," and "Lifestyle Influencers Are Now Sharing Some Bogus Far-Right Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus On Instagram."

I don't know what Ryan's politics are, but I get the feeling he is not pro-Trump.  It will be interesting to see how his peers treat him going forward.  Another BuzzFeed writer, Benny Johnson, was fired several years ago for plagiarism.  Johnson is an unabashed Republican, and there was a good deal of Schadenfreude floating around when he was canned.  Johnson later went to work for IJR, the Daily Caller, and now TPUSA.  When Business Insider wrote about Johnson getting hired by TPUSA, they referred to him as a "serial plagiarist." 

Will the same thing happen when Ryan Broderick joins another publication?  Will people even give enough of a fuck to write about him?

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