Thursday, June 18, 2020

The effect of VCRWrestling

The thing about @VCRWrestling is that he would often post things which other people wouldn't post.  He was willing to be a shameless troll.  And, if VCRWrestling posted something first, other people were willing to amplify him.

Here's a tweet from @SoDuTw (Rovert) on June 9th, talking about how he heard that Dave Meltzer apparently fat-shamed a female NXT wrestler:

Meltzer was talking on his podcast about a WWE skit with the Viking Raiders, and one of the running jokes in the skits is that women find Ivar cute, but not Erik.  And, for some reason, Meltzer got it into his head that WWE is trying to tell a secondary joke, in that the women who find Ivar cute are all homely and/or overweight.  You should be able to see the problem here...

The skit in question was a decathlon between the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits, and one of the judges was played by Catalina, an NXT wrestler.  Catalina wears a mask on TV when she's in character, but she wasn't wearing a mask in the skit, so it wasn't obvious she was a wrestler.  And Meltzer, during his review of the skit, referred to her as either chubby or overweight (I forget the exact term he used). 

Rovert seemingly expected a clip of the podcast to be posted on Twitter, but the question is:  Who would post it?  Rovert himself doesn't post audio clips from Wrestling Observer Radio.

Another Twitter user, @Kimporto95, replied to Rovert and anticipated that VCRWrestling, along with @MeltzerSaidWhat and @Ryan Satin, were all looking for the clip:

VCRWrestling had already deleted his account by this time, so he wouldn't be posting it.  And Ryan Satin has to keep up the appearance of being a professional, so he himself wouldn't post the clip--he would only amplify a clip like that after it was posted by somebody else.  That leaves @MeltzerSaidWhat.

Ever since VCRWrestling deleted his account, it seems like MeltzerSaidWhat has been posting less frequently.  Sometimes he'll go several days at a time without taking a shot at Dave Meltzer.  MeltzerSaidWhat isn't as big a troll as VCR was, so it wasn't a slam dunk he would share this particular clip.  Curiously, MSW did acknowledge the tweet from @Kimporto95, which means he was aware of what Meltzer had said:

Ultimately, MeltzerSaidWhat did not post the clip.

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