Monday, June 22, 2020

When directors are in a pinch

Sometimes a movie will segue from one scene to another by having a character slyly refer to a new location.  The scene then shifts to that new location, and the reveal of the location itself comes as a bit of a surprise.  The dialogue goes like this:
Character 1:  We need this specific thing to complete the mission. 
Character 2:  Okay.  So where's the thing? 
Character 1:  Oh, you're not going believe it...
I'm thinking specifically of the scene in Ocean's 11 where Basher is talking about the pinch.
Danny:  Could a pinch knock out the power of an entire city?  Like, for instance...  
Basher:  Las Vegas?  Yeah I think it might.  But there's only once pinch in the world big enough to manage it. 
Danny:  Where? 
Basher:  [Makes a sly expression]

I like to imagine the writers and the director hadn't totally figured out how Danny Ocean and his crew were going to steal the pinch.  They didn't know exactly where the heist would take place or how they were going to film it.  However, for logistical reasons, they needed to wrap up the scene with Basher early in the shoot, so that's why Basher doesn't mention the location.

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