Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Here's another random person on the internet with a viral tweet.  His name is Dr. Paul (Doc) and his handle is @prewertdc.  On June 8th, he tweeted: "The fact that celebrities have raised $20,000,000 for rioters bail and $0 for looting victims speaks volumes about the elite."  The tweet received 1,400 comments, 34,600 retweets, and 70,700 likes.

Dr. Paul's bio says:  "chiropractor, husband, father, coach, avid golfer and outdoorsman. Pro#1A&2A, #KAG, Badger fan living in Hawkeye state. UNI fan."  He also has a few American flag emojis in his bio.  He follows 2,639 people and has 3,916 followers.  Granted, having 4,000 followers is kinda impressive, but it's still not a ton.  I first saw the tweet on the /r/DrainTheSwamp subreddit, in a post titled "<This."  The post received 385 upvotes.

The thing about this tweet is it's the type of rhetoric-grenade which sounds damning on the surface, but then it floats away into the ether along with 10,000,000 other rhetoric-grenades.