Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Salty Canadians hate Barstool

Barstool Sports made a funny tweet during the NBA Finals.

Salty Canadian journalists felt the need to fact-check this tweet.  Here's an article from Emma McIntosh:


To be fair, Emma McIntosh wasn't the saltiest.  There were plenty of other salty Canadian journalists.

I realize that doctored videos are a concern in our modern-day media ecosystem.  But...this wasn't a doctored video.  It wasn't a "fake" video.  It was a joke video.  It was a meme video.  There's a fine line, I get it.

Barstool was clearly on the right side of that fine line.  Instead of "fact-checking" Barstool Sports and labeling them as fake news, what we should be doing is mocking anyone who was too dumb to get the joke.

Saturday, June 15, 2019


Here's another random site with plagiarized content:  KerlinksNews.com.

KerlinksNews.com looks so fly-by-night that I can't even tell what the purpose of it is.  Maybe it's just somebody running an experiment. 

There's a space for advertising which looks like it's showing an ad for Zox.  But I googled "Zox" and apparently Zox is just the name of the Wordpress theme. 

Here's an archive of an article on KerlinksNews.com titled: "The Daily Telegraph Wants Audio Of The Geoffrey Rush Defamation Trial." 

That article is clearly copied from a BuzzFeed article titled: "The Daily Telegraph Wants Tapes Of Geoffrey Rush's Defamation Trial To Prove The Judge Looked Biased"

I'll check back in a few months (years?) to see what becomes of KerlinksNews.com

Saturday, June 8, 2019

@IranDisinfo gets defunded!

Oh no...


Now who will help inform us about Iranian disinformation campaigns?  Also, why would the State Department pick someone to run this Twitter account who was apparently a dumbass troll at heart?  You need people who are smart trolls at heart, not dumb trolls.  Learn the difference.