Monday, June 18, 2018


Peddoc63, where have you gone? 

You were once ranked among the top 150 people influencing the presidential election.  But I tried checking your Twitter account yesterday and the page had vanished. 

I found a cache from June 13, and you'd tweeted:
Hey guys I’m back. They tried to destroy me but they failed, miserably! Did you forget about me? So soon? Help me rebuild! I’m counting on you! All my love ❤️Feisty Floridian
Otherwise known as @peddoc63

Maybe you're tweeting from the account @Feisty_FL now?  It appears so.  But who was trying to destroy you?  And why do you need to rebuild?

That's a shame if you had to reboot your Twitter account and get back all your followers.  The @Peddoc63 account had 164,000 followers, while @Feisty_FL has just 16,000 followers. 

The @Peddoc63 profile said: "Doctor & Daughter of LEGAL immigrants living the American Dream.  Followed by Elder, Woods, Hannity, Gov. Abbott, Cruz, Guilfoyle, Watters, Crowder, Pavlich.

The @Fesity_FL bio says: "Doctor and Daughter of LEGAL immigrants who achieved the American Dream."  It doesn't list any big-time followers.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Russell Crowe gets dissed

The song "Climbing Uphill" from the original cast recording of The Last Five Years contained the line:
"Why am I working so hard?  These are the people who cast Linda Blair in a musical.'
In the 2014 movie, that line is changed to:
"Why am I working so hard?  These are the people who cast Russell Crowe in a musical."
Listen for yourself:

Monday, June 11, 2018

Mic Drop

This was an entertaining article about the turbulence felt at

I try to remain skeptical of any opinions coming from ex-employees (especially anonymous ex-employees), but these lines really stuck out:
“Mic trafficked in outrage culture,” a former staffer who left in 2017 said. “A lot of the videos that we would publish would be like, ‘Here is this racist person doing a racist thing in this nondescript southern city somewhere.’ There wouldn’t be any reporting or story around it, just, ‘Look at this person being racist, wow what a terrible racist.’”
Also, the introduction makes the same sort of observations that float around half-formed in my own head, and it's a pleasant surprise to see someone else making them (the author of the piece was Adrianne Jeffries):
Every day, there was someone, like plus-size model Ashley Graham, to cheer for, and someone else, like manspreaders, to excoriate. Kim Kardashian annihilated slut shamers, George Takei clapped back at transphobes. “In a Single Tweet, One Man Beautifully Destroys the Hypocrisy of Anti-Muslim Bigotry.” “This Brave Woman's Horrifying Photo Has Become a Viral Rallying Cry Against Sexual Harassment.” “Young Conservative Tries to Mansplain Hijab in Viral Olympic Photo, Gets It All Wrong.”

Sunday, June 10, 2018

A clarification about hobbits

I e-mailed Erwin Beekveld to ask where the orcs were taking the hobbits in The Two Towers.  It's a bit confusing, because they don't wind up in Isengard straight away (despite what the song would make you think):

Thanks, Erwin. 

Here's the song that started it all:

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018

Thanos Hotels, where check-in is a snap!

I was surprised to find out the domain is not owned by Disney or Marvel.  The URL redirects to, which is controlled by the hotelier Thanos Michaelides.  Upon discovering this, I sent the folks at Thanos Hotels an e-mail to ask if there was any connection between their hotels and the mad Titan:

 Good to know!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018