Friday, August 11, 2017

Dunham is a Democrat!

Back in November, a reporter named Michael Tracey caused controversy when he posted a screenshot of Lena Dunham's voter information.  Tracey took the info from, and his screenshot showed Dunham was "Not enrolled in a party."  And if Dunham wasn't a registered Democrat, it raised questions about how she could have voted in the 2016 New York Democratic primary.

Dunham responded to the controversy on Twitter by saying: "I DID vote and am a registered Democrat. I used to be a registered independent before my 'political awakening.'"

It's a bit annoying how Lena Dunham couldn't state when, exactly, she registered as a Democrat.  I can tell you the exact day I registered to vote in New York:  It was February 13, 2015.

If Dunham was telling the truth, and she did register as a Democrat in time to vote during the Democratic primary, that means one of two things:

1.)  The information on the voter lookup website was more than six months out-of-date,


2.)  The information on the voter lookup website was inaccurate.

Either of those scenarios strikes me as weird.  Shouldn't people be more concerned about the accuracy of their databases??

Anyway...I recently took another look at, and lo and behold, Lena Dunham is now listed as a member of the Democratic party!  She did it!

This calls for a "Lena Dunham dancing" gif!

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