Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Newsweek network, Part 5: Winavo and Bizu

Here are some IBT Media sites that are no longer functioning, although they can still be viewed in archived form:

1. was a tech site, and archived pages show the latest posts were made in March, 2014.  The About page said:
Winavo is a technology blog dedicated to the latest PC news, product launches and the intersection of all Microsoft platforms. We aim to provide the latest information about Windows 8 smartphones and tablets. We also cover the latest Xbox and Xbox Live news.
The header had links to DroidReport and MacRage, so it appears Winavo formed a trio of tech sites for IBT Media:

An old Contact page lists four editors and reporters:  Michael Nunez, Heriberto “Lobo” Rivera, Jordan Mammo, and Eric Chiu.  For some reason, the same four names appear on the Contact page for, which was a bit confusing when I first stumbled onto it.

Another defunct website is:

2. was dedicated to streams of business videos.  An archived page from April 4, 2015, says:
Alas, dear friends, is no more. 
Thank you to our viewers, content providers and advertisers over the last two years, it has been a great ride. was featured in the 2014 IBT media kit, on a page describing video opportunities.

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