Thursday, November 2, 2017

The mystery of Semanal Media: Part 2

It's November 2nd, and I haven't seen any chatter lately about Semanal Media or the sale of LA Weekly.

I noticed back on October 18th that the domain "" was registered to a guy named Richard Flores in Huntington Beach.  My immediate thought was that Flores was camping the domain.  However, when I sent him a joking e-mail to congratulate him on purchasing LA Weekly, he responded: "???"  That wasn't the type of response I expected.

It appears Flores registered a bunch of other domains in addition to  I can't draw any conclusions from this list, but perhaps somebody else can?

October 17:
12:52 PM: was registered to Richard Flores.

12:52 PM: was registered to Richard Flores.

7:02 PM: was registered to Richard Flores.

7:02 PM: was registered to Richard Flores.

7:02 PM: was registered to Richard Flores.

October 18:

3:52 PM:  The news breaks on that LA Weekly was sold to Semanal Media.

9:14 PM: was registered to Richard Flores.  Within a few hours, the WhoIs information would be edited, and it now shows the domain was registered to "Domains By Proxy."

9:14 PM: was registered.

9:14 PM: was registered.

9:14 PM: was registered.

11:19 PM: was registered.

I already know the significance of the first two domains.  The "Smack Off" is an annual competition for fans of The Jim Rome Show.  Sports Illustrated covered this year's contest, and summed it up this way:
In the "Smack Off," callers from across the country are pitted against each other in a pseudo-battle rap format in hopes of winning Rome’s approval, taking home a $5,000 cash prize and, most importantly of all, claiming a year’s worth of bragging rights.
I don't think Flores works for Jim Rome or for CBS.  He's just really into these competitions.  Flores previously registered and, and neither site was ever utilized.  He also registered in 2013, and it seems he was trying to pitch an idea for a TV segment to Jim Rome and/or Showtime:

My guess is that Flores registered the other eight domains in anticipation that they might be valuable to someone later on.  I don't know if there's a direct connection between his decision to register and his decision to register

Maybe someone is planning to create a show under the LA Weekly brand?

Random notes:

1.)  This was my attempt to screenshot the WhoIs information for with Fireshot, before it was changed:

2.)  The domain was both dropped and registered on October 18th.  I checked various registry sites, but can't figure out who owned the domain in the days leading up to October 18th.  Furthermore, it was registered by some domain-parking service called DonDominio, and my impression is that DonDominio just snatched it up randomly because it happened to be available.

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