Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Newsweek network, part 7: The 33 Universal Media Kit

33 Universal published a media kit in 2012.  The kit describes the various content verticals and advertising opportunities offered by 33 Universal.  I was a bit surprised to see MedicalDaily.com included in this media kit, since that site is now one of the pillars of Newsweek Media Group.  Below are the websites mentioned in the 2012 media kit which I haven't already profiled:

1. Enstarz.com -- Recently updated.  The About page says: "ENSTARS is a global entertainment news publication owned by Claire Entertainment, Inc., and based in New York City."  Articles are embedded with videos from Newsweek Media Group.

2. HomeNGardenNews.com -- Defunct site.

3. iTechPost.com -- The latest articles are from September, 2017.  The address on the Contact page is 61 Broadway, Room 800, New York, NY 10006.

4. KoreaPortal.com -- The Korea Portal homepage contains outgoing links to news articles.  The articles on the English-language homepage (www.en.koreaportal.com) have publication dates from November.

5. KPopStarz.com -- The latest articles are from November, 2017.

6. LatinosPortal.com  -- This looks like an attempt at providing an online news and community hub for Latinos in different cities.  (Similar to what Patch does.)  It doesn't appear to have succeeded.

7. PhotosNImages.com -- Defunct site

8. RealtyNewsToday.com -- Defunct site.

9. Yibada.com -- This is a media site that caters to the Chinese community.  I think there are different homepages depending on whether you visit "Yibada.com" or "en.Yibada.com."  The articles on the English homepage are about a month old, whereas the articles on the Chinese page have recent publication dates.

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