Monday, June 18, 2018


Peddoc63, where have you gone? 

You were once ranked among the top 150 people influencing the presidential election.  But I tried checking your Twitter account yesterday and the page had vanished. 

I found a cache from June 13, and you'd tweeted:
Hey guys I’m back. They tried to destroy me but they failed, miserably! Did you forget about me? So soon? Help me rebuild! I’m counting on you! All my love ❤️Feisty Floridian
Otherwise known as @peddoc63

Maybe you're tweeting from the account @Feisty_FL now?  It appears so.  But who was trying to destroy you?  And why do you need to rebuild?

That's a shame if you had to reboot your Twitter account and get back all your followers.  The @Peddoc63 account had 164,000 followers, while @Feisty_FL has just 16,000 followers. 

The @Peddoc63 profile said: "Doctor & Daughter of LEGAL immigrants living the American Dream.  Followed by Elder, Woods, Hannity, Gov. Abbott, Cruz, Guilfoyle, Watters, Crowder, Pavlich.

The @Fesity_FL bio says: "Doctor and Daughter of LEGAL immigrants who achieved the American Dream."  It doesn't list any big-time followers.

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