Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Another random spammer on Reddit: /u/anyebejoe511

Here is another spammer on Reddit, /u/anyebejoe511:

His account is 11 days old.  He spams links to the YouTube channel "Core Link."  The channel only has 189 subscribers (up from 141 yesterday), and the most popular video only has 48 views.  Most of the uploads are news clips taken from CNN, or Fox News, or BBC.

One of his videos was titled "BREAKING: Major OUTBREAK At US Hospital – HAZMAT Evacuation In Progress."  It's one of those videos with a robotic voice reciting a script, and I assume the story is based on the incident at Johns Hopkins Hospital earlier this month.  If you run a search for the title on YouTube you'll get about a dozen results from various channels.

Most of /u/anyebejoe511's Reddit threads have either 1 upvote or 0 upvotes.  The most successful thread got 35 upvotes, and that was posted in /r/The_Donald.  /u/anyebejoe511 also posted in /r/Donald_Trump, /r/DonaldTrump, /r/Trump, /r/WorldEvents, and /r/ShitPoliticsSays.

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