Monday, July 16, 2018

Another spammer on Reddit: /u/hotnew11 and News Today

I noticed another spammer on Reddit, with the username /u/hotnew11:

/u/hotnew11 is sharing videos from the YouTube channel News Today.  The videos have eye-catching titles pertaining to politics, such as: "WHOA,WHOA…!!! Hillary'S Collusion With Russians Confirmed As Her Aide Flips On Live Tv"

News Today has 4,790 subscribers.  The channel uploads about a dozen videos each day, and it's not unusual for a video to get 10,000+ views.  The videos all seem to have the same format:  A static image combined with voiceover commentary.  Some of the audio clips are taken from Fox News shows (e.g. Tucker Carlson Tonight).  I don't know who's creating these videosthere's a whole ecosystem of YouTube channels with similar formats.  Some of the recent videos on News Today make references to events that occurred months ago, and there isn't a clear timeline.

My guess is that /u/hotnew11 is just a run-of-the-mill spammer, and that he's not part of some larger plot.  I did find seven other Reddit accounts sharing links to News Today:

These accounts have been active in some of the tiny political subreddits, but so far their activity consists of  spamming the same YouTube channel as /u/hotnew11.  Here are the subreddits where they posted:

The vast majority of submissions only have 1 upvote, so I doubt Reddit is driving much traffic.

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