Tuesday, August 14, 2018

BreakingUSA.us, MICHELLEa2 and SANDRAx1

There are two Reddit accounts spamming the site "BreakingUSA.us."

The accounts are /u/MICHELLEa2 and /u/SANDRAx1.

BreakingUSA.us is a political site that copies-and-pastes stories from other news outlets.  For example, an article on BreakingUSA.us titled "President Trump Has Had It With AG Sessions – Hits Him So Hard It Scared Him Stiff" was a copy of a Right Wing News article.   BreakingUSA.us also contains AdSense ads (ca-pub-5463543759997951).

MICHELLEa2 and SANDRAx1 have had some luck spamming their posts in /r/The_Donald, although none of their posts have actually broken 100 upvotes yet.

BreakingUSA.us has a Twitter account with 32 followers and a Facebook page with 51 likes.  The domain is registered to a "Awais Mughal" in Pakistan.

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