Friday, October 19, 2018 and related domains

The Alex Jones web empire has taken a lot of hits this year, but the plucky radio host is still standing.  Recently, I watched the Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone, and noticed that Roger Stone had attended some political rallies alongside Alex Jones.  The movie made me curious to map out the InfoWars domains a little bit.

In 2013, was registered to the e-mail address:

In 2015, was registered to the e-mail address:

In 2016, was registered to the e-mail address:

Currently, is registered to the e-mail address:

At least 347 unique domains have been registered to that fourth e-mail address.  I've listed them below, in alphabetical order:

There were also 4 domains that were previously registered to, and which are now expired.  Those were:

Many of the above domains (e.g., redirect to the vendor site, which sells various items like supplements and t-shirts. was previously registered to the e-mail address

In total, I found an additional 44 unique domains that had been registered to  These domains hadn't previously been registered to any of the other e-mail addresses mentioned above:

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