Sunday, October 28, 2018

What's the deal with

The internet is a gateway to information.  But is the information always accurate?

Recently, I stumbled on, which is a website that provides Caller ID for phone numbers.   I looked up my own phone number on the site (it begins 908-872), and CallerSource said the number belongs to a woman in Alexandria, Louisiana.

I then looked up the phone numbers for several businesses in my hometown of Warren, NJ:

The phone number for the Starbucks in town center is 908-668-8028; says that # belongs to a person named "Jodelle Soua" in Grapevine, Texas.

The phone number for the Smoothie King in town center is 908-222-3590; says that # belongs to a person named "Savana Ronny" in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The phone number for the Jersey Mike's Subs in town center is 908-753-5184; says that # belongs to a person named "Juliah Dalylah" in Texarkana, Texas.

The whole website strikes me as suspect.  I sent an e-mail to (which is the e-mail listed on their contact page) and said:
I looked up my phone number on your site, and it said the number belonged to some woman in Alexandria, Louisiana.  I was wondering how you get the information on your site, since it doesn't appear to be accurate?
I didn't get a reply.

CallerSource also displays AdSense ads (ca-pub-7922405717763424).  I refreshing the site several times, and all the ads I saw were for Spokeo, BeenVerified, or Intelius.  (That might be the result of targeted advertising, though.)    

A sample of phone numbers on

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