Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Daily Beast cited me

Last month I wrote about a Reddit AMA which was apparently hosted by Russian trolls.  Kevin Poulsen of The Daily Beast saw my article, and he provided solid confirmation that the AMA was authentic:

Poulsen noted that many of the questions in the AMA were the same questions The Daily Beast had e-mailed to the Russian trolls earlier:
Yes, the IRA was taking questions from itself. And those questions? When The Daily Beast reviewed the AMA, we thought they looked familiar. It turned out five of the 14 questions were copy-pasted from the list we sent the IRA.
It's cool to have my work confirmed by a major news site.  In fact, I'm going to add my original article to the sidebar under the section: "Most-cited articles."  Now I have two items to include there!

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