Sunday, December 16, 2018

A look at

Last week, a Redditor in /r/Offbeat tried submitting a story from (aka "Iran Front Page"):

The story claimed that the oldest woman in Iran, Goli Papi, had passed away at the age of 140.  An Iranian genealogist, Morad Hossein Papi, was quoted as saying: “The late woman was from a tribe called Papi residing in Silakhor Plain in Dorud County.” I did some Google searches and couldn't find any other prominent mentions of Goli Papi or Morad Hossein Papi.

An article on

Recently, Reuters published a report about Iranian disinformation sites, and I don't think was part of their scope.  After reviewing some of the other stories on, I don't feel like it's a typical disinformation site.  A lot of their stories seem to fall into the Taboola category: There's one article about stem cells, another article about minimally-invasive spinal surgery, etc... may just be a typical blog that happens to be based in Iran.  It could still be worth documenting, however.

According to Whoisology, is registered to Mahmood Askarieh and the organization Safhe ye Avval.  The administrative e-mail is mahmoodaskarieh@gmail.comThe contact address is no 26, pirjamali Alley, Shariati Ave. Piche Shemiran, Tehran.  The zip code is listed as 1611943715, and the country is listed as "Afghanistan."  The contact phone number is 982177528888, and the contact fax number is 982177535454.

There have been 25 domains registered with the administrative e-mail address

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